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Water Strider Raft


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When you make your decision please consider these features of the Water Strider.

Our patented inflatable floor/seat/deck will help you make the right decision.

1. The deck/ floor is designed to sit low in the water and give you more buoyancy plus less visibility for the fish to see over the regular Pontoon boat. Your feet with the fins down does not spook the fish but things high above the water sure does. The lower you are to the surface of the water the more stable you are.

2. The inflatable Floor gives a lot of extra buoyancy by distributing the weight better. All of the weight is usually behind the center line so more inflation is needed to float high and level with the surface of the water.

3. A shallower draft gives significantly better performance like speed, maneuverability and ease of handling.

4. The inflatable Seat gives great comfort with out adding weight from other attachments like hard seats. The softness of the Seat is adjustable for each person. The combination of the Inflatable Floor/Air Ride Seat is the answer for a long day on the river.

5. The Inflatable Floor gives you more stability and allows one to make a smaller package when rolled up and also saves weight over other designs. When rowing the Water Strider you will find by leaning forward a bit and making quick strokes with the oar blades only in the water you move much easier. Leaning forward raises the rear and allows one to plane like water skiing. Using the current of the river is also an advantage to crossing to the other side quickly. Turn sideways to the current and let the rear of the Water Strider angle just a bit down stream of the front then lean forward take quick strokes and you will be amazed how quickly you can cross the river.

6. Light durable extra function was our goal to provided you with the best.

7. We have always said that PERFORMANCE IS THE ONLY TEST.


Every new Water Strider raft now comes standard with:
3 Piece HD Oars with Storage Bag
Inflatable back rest
Model K 100 hand pump
Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag
Ruled Stripping Apron
Patch kit & Instructional DVD
New Roll Up Instructions
Quick Release Fins With Studs for traction.
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